Perspective on Trauma

Building Perspective on Trauma, Loss, Attachment, Familial Pain, and Moving Forward

Welcome to Perspective on Trauma

This blog is dedicated to providing information, insight, and informed thought into the difficulties inherent in navigating traumatic event(s), loss,  familial dysfunction, and life circumstances. I have worked as a trauma therapist for the last 17 years and have met many courageous individuals who have worked to navigate these very difficult areas. It is this experience that leads me to want to weblog (not only about the impact of trauma, loss, and familial dysfunction) but the very real life changes and forward movement that can and do occur. The strength and courage of the individuals  I have had the fortune of working with lends validity to the healing process. It is my hope that this weblog  will provide not only information and insight, but belief in the healing process.

Please note: The information on this web log is not intended to diagnose or treat trauma related difficulties. If you are struggling with trauma related symptomatology please contact a licensed counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist in your immediate area.

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